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British Watches by Sam Holland & Jonathan Shakespeare

At 13:00 Friday 13th September 2013 we launched a collection of independent british watches, the likes of which had never been seen before. Discussing our love of fine watches, it soon dawned on us exactly how our friendship and passion for design could be directed into manufacturing a collection of our very own…

Dedicated to the memory of the patient teacher Wynn Phillips and the loving grandfather Thomas Hall, both have their initials etched into the very fabric of time, forever.

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Say hello to the rather lovely 'No. 1905', the first of 13 limited edition watches to be released by W. T. Author over the next 13 years.

The Telegraph Newspaper

The W.T. Author 'No. 1905' watches are gorgeous. The throwback features like a ribbed case, wire lugs, tapered crown and riveted leather strap make us feel connected to a past we only ever hear about in stories.

Cool Material

Rolex? Pah - everyone’s heard of it. Far better to wear a watch by British startup W. T. Author. It’s first model is the No. 1905 - a limited edition based on old pocket watches. We favour the cream, so if you could choose one of the others, that’d be ideal.

Emerald Street

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Create Completely Unique British Watches

Watch Assembly Process Case Back W. T. Author British Watches for Men

British watches are just the start. Between us we have over 20 years’ experience in the design and manufacturing industry, collaborating closely with global brands & fashion houses to deliver really exciting and innovative products. It is a service that we are proud to offer to anybody; the idea of creating a completely unique product sits beautifully behind our philosophy in everything we do.

From the beginning stages of sharing thoughts and ideas to the manufacture of a final product, we invest just as much time and thought into helping others as we do with W. T. Author’s British watches.

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