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We have over 10 years’ experience collaborating closely with global brands to deliver original products.

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Beautifully Bespoke Watches

It is a service that we are proud to offer; the idea of creating completely bespoke watches sits beautifully behind our philosophy in everything we do.

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Design & Build with a Dedicated TeaM

From the beginning stages of sharing thoughts and ideas to the manufacture of a series of custom watches, we invest just as much time and thought into helping others as we do with WT Author.

Design your own watch with our dedicated creative team.


Watches WITH Innovative Approaches

Before a watch is created, a group of concepts is rendered and presented to the client before progressing onto detailed technical drawings generated by our watch designers.

Producing projects by using a combination of traditional and innovative approaches with our detailed knowledge of materials, fabrication techniques, composition, how the product fits and market trends.

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Using a Multitude of 2D & 3D Techniques

Recent shifts in computer-aided design has opened the possibilities of working in 3D packages (Rhinoceros 3D) and 2D illustration techniques using Adobe CC.

A CAD model is used as a basis for CNC or 3D printed models across a multitude of processes by our watch designers.

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