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The Nº 1905 OriginAL

The Nº 1905 British made watches draw inspiration from the turn of the 20th Century: a time when the first wristwatches for men were introduced by Louis Cartier and Edmond Jaegar.

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The Nº 1914 Military

The Nº 1914 British military watches draw inspiration from World War One: an era where intensified warfare made digging about in one’s pocket for a watch far too time-consuming.

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The Nº 1929 Art Deco

Set fifteen years after our second collection, the Nº 1929 leather watches draws inspiration from the period leading up to the crash at the London Stock Exchange.

dress watches by wt author front

The Nº 1934 Classic

Set five years after our third collection,  the Nº 1934 dress watches celebrate the beginning of widespread access to literature from the period leading up to the paperback publishing revolution. 

british watches by wt author 1940 chapter front

The Nº 1940 Pilot

The Nº 1940 pilot watch marks the Battle of Britain – the military campaign of the Second World War when the Royal Air Force defended the United Kingdom against the German Air Force attacks from the end of June 1940.

classic men's watches by wt author 1953 front

The Nº 1953 Dress

The Nº 1953 classic men’s watches are set thirteen years after WT Author’s fifth collection. It marks the coronation of Elizabeth II on 2 June 1953 at Westminster Abbey, London. 


The Nº 1968 Racer

The Nº 1968 automotive watches are set fifteen years after WT Author’s sixth collection. It marks the 1968 season of World Championship motor racing.

open water watches by wt author front

THE Nº 1973 Diver

The Nº 1973 is set five years after WT Author’s seventh collection. It marks the 1973 debut of the NATO strap in the British Ministry of Defence Standard.

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