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classic watches by wt author front

Nº 1905 Original Watches

Launched September 13, 2013

Our first Chapter, a collection of original watches produced by WT Author.

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Nº 1914 British Military Watches

Launched September 19, 2014

Designed in secret to avoid interference from prying eyes, the follow-up to Nº 1905 takes a sudden turn into sheer assault with a collection of British military watches.

leather watches by wt author front

Nº 1929 Cushion Case Watches

Launched September 2, 2015

A dark celebration of self-destruction by referencing the moments leading up to the crash of the British Stock Exchange.

dress watches by wt author front

Nº 1934 Classic Watches

Launched September 30, 2016

We realign the sprawling collection with the Nº 1934 classic watches.

A simple and elegant item that requires attention.

british watches by wt author 1940 chapter front

Nº 1940 Pilot Watches

Launched September 19, 2014

After the seemingly traditional leanings of Nº 1934, WT Author returns to the studio to work on the spiritual successor for Nº 1914 but this time taking to the skies.

classic men's watches by wt author 1953 front

Nº 1953 Dress Watches

Launched September 2, 2015

Nº 1953 is one part from a diptych of watches (to sit with Emmeline).

Elegant, sophisticated and considered classic men’s watches.

big dial ladies watches by wt author emmeline front

‘Emmeline’ Women’s Dress Watches

Launched September 13, 2018

The first proper ladies watch to be produced by WT Author.

The item to accompany Nº 1953 unsurprisingly stands on it’s own as a complete work.


Nº 1968 Automotive Watches

Launched April 19, 2019

Referencing 1960’s motor racing, Nº 1968 finds WT Author experimenting with new textures, colours and functionality.

open water watches by wt author front

Nº 1973 Deep Dive Watches

Launched November 9, 2020

Marking the 1973 debut of the NATO strap in the British Ministry of Defence Standard.

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