Deep Dive Watches by WT Author

The Nº 1973 deep dive watches, limited to only 100 serial numbers depending on variant. Built-to-order in 10 working days by our workshop in Shropshire, UK. Free worldwide shipping.

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Set in 1973, our eighth collection of limited edition deep dive watches is available with the eighth chapter of WT Author’s book and comes accompanied by a signed limited edition screen print with corresponding number.

The Inspiration Behind our Deep Dive Watches

Launching Tuesday, 6 April 2021, Nº 1973 divers watch is set five years after WT Author’s seventh collection. It marks the 1973 debut of the NATO strap in the British Ministry of Defence Standard. Our signature silhouette adopts a 4 o’clock crown position and fully functional rotating bezel referencing a divers watch from the time. Each watch is finished beautifully with two 22 mm thick nylon NATO straps in black and orange.

We build our products using tailor-made components from every corner of the globe (from USA to South America, Asia to Switzerland and of course, UK).

Utilising a combination of silver-tone and black matt surfaces, the watch measures 45 mm across, 49.5 mm high including the lugs with an overall case depth of 12.5 mm. The dial utilises colour and details taking influence directly from a 1970’s divers watch and is enhanced with Author’s unique shape. Each finished product houses a bespoke dial design that brings matt textures, combined with traditionally formed custom-made hands. The divers watch has been modernised with a bespoke “casino chip” screw down back, signature red aluminium crown embossed with our brand’s iconic trademark and Citizen / Miyota 8217 automatic calibre.

Both black and orange Nº 1973 thick nylon NATO straps have been designed and manufactured to fit a 22 mm lug width. Each strap is completed with a matt stainless steel buckle and finished with matt stainless steel keepers.

deep dive watches wt author blue 1973
deep dive watches wt author green 1973
deep dive watches wt author black 1973
deep dive watches wt author yellow 1973
deep dive watches wt author orange 1973

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