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The Nº 1905 Collection

Original watches limited to only 125 serial numbers of each variant. Built in 10 working days by our workshop in Shropshire, UK. Free worldwide shipping.

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Set in 1905 (location unknown), our debut collection of original watches is available with the first chapter of WT Author’s book and comes accompanied by a signed limited edition screen print with corresponding number.

A hugely successful crowdfunding campaign which ran from 13:00 Friday, 13th September 2013 introduced Nº 1905. Securing over £10,000 this assisted us to kickstart the manufacture of each bespoke component, and the exclusive items that come with each watch.

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The Inspiration

Nº 1905 original watches draw inspiration from the turn of the 20th Century: a time when the first wristwatches for men were introduced by Louis Cartier and Edmond Jaegar. Taking inspiration from traditional aesthetics of the pocket watch, it reflects pioneering achievements of the era with signature shoulders brazed directly into the bespoke case, allowing a raw cut hand-made leather strap to be fitted.

The timepieces measure 46 mm across, 52 mm high including the lugs, with a case depth of 11mm. The dial utilises numbers taken directly from 1900′s pocket watches and is enhanced with Author’s unique hour markers. Traditionally formed custom-made hands complete the dial.

The classic watches have been modernised with a beautiful enamel screw down case back, the signature red aluminium crown embossed with WT Author’s ‘A’ trademark and a Swiss made Ronda 513S Quartz movement. The collection has been designed and built in Britain exclusively by WT Author and is strictly limited to 125 limited edition pieces.

Each natural leather watch strap has been handmade in Britain using Argentinian-sourced buffalo hide. The rich colour of these 9 to 10 ounce double shoulders, which is applied during the tanning process, goes completely through the leather. The result is a glazed leather with exquisite beauty, that will uniquely mould itself to your wrist over time. The strap has been designed and manufactured to fit a 24 mm lug width with an overall thickness of 4 – 5 mm and is embossed with WT Author’s ‘A’ trademark. It is completed with a stainless steel roller buckle.



Chapter 1 of 13

Time. Beyond physical substance… Matter… Emotion… Time.

By 1905 his sacrifice and commitment had begun to bear fruit. The air was alight with the whispering foundations of quantum physics. He was a specialist, a craftsmen, focussed on a single objective. Where evolution and relativity had occupied his predecessors, so precision was his end. Imagine a world in total harmony, where the complexities of life interlocked in seamless accord. An exactness so acute it left the very notion of error redundant. This was his achievement. This is when they came.

Hidden away, submerged in silence, he lay paralysed by their presence. Every chart, plan, map and grid, stripped from him like digits from a hand. His workshop ravaged by a demand for certainty, the answers to all that’s past and all which lies ahead. As sudden as their arrival, they were gone.

What of author, broken and bare? What of author, plunged into disarray? He carries his obsession inked on his body. When he dares for truth he reads his limbs. His chest and sides project a future nightmare. And so he continues. Thrown into chaos. Lost in the distortions of time. What of author? Time will tell.


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original watches wt author no 1905

The Nº 1905 British watches draw inspiration from the turn of the 20th Century: a time when the first wristwatches for men were introduced by Louis Cartier and Edmond Jaegar.

original watches wt author no 1914

The Nº 1914 military watches draw inspiration from World War One: an era where intensified warfare made digging about in one’s pocket for a watch far too time-consuming.

original watches wt author no 1929

Set fifteen years after our second collection, the Nº 1929 leather watches draws inspiration from the period leading up to the crash at the London Stock Exchange.

original watches wt author no 1934

Set five years after our third collection, the Nº 1934 dress watches celebrate the beginning of widespread access to literature from the period leading up to the paperback publishing revolution. 

The Nº 1940 pilot watch marks the Battle of Britain – the military campaign of the Second World War when the Royal Air Force defended the United Kingdom against the German Air Force attacks from the end of June 1940.

The Nº 1953 classic men’s watches are set thirteen years after WT Author’s fifth collection. It marks the coronation of Elizabeth II on 2 June 1953 at Westminster Abbey, London. 

The Nº 1968 automotive watches are set fifteen years after WT Author’s sixth collection. It marks the 1968 season of World Championship motor racing.

The Nº 1973 is set five years after WT Author’s seventh collection. It marks the 1973 debut of the NATO strap in the British Ministry of Defence Standard.

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