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Designed in secret to avoid interference from prying eyes, the follow-up to Nº 1905 takes a sudden turn into sheer assault with a collection of British military watches.


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The History of our British Military Watches


Set in 1914 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, our limited edition Nº 1914 trench watches are available exclusively with the second chapter of WT Author’s book accompanied by a signed limited edition screen print with corresponding number.

Launched Friday, 19th September 2014, Nº 1914 British military watches for men by WT Author are currently available for general sale through our store from £350.


Set nine years after our debut collection, Nº 1914 British military watches draw inspiration from World War One: an era where intensified warfare made digging about in one’s pocket for a watch far too time-consuming, and so the trench wristwatch was introduced. Developing the aesthetics of the pocket watch even further into the realms of the modern wristwatch, the signature brazed lugs have been shifted to extend directly from the side of the bespoke case allowing the more refined Nº 1914 handmade leather strap to be fitted.

The trench watch case measures 46mm across, 52.5mm high including the lugs with an overall case depth of 10mm. The dial utilises numbers taking influence directly from 1914 trench watches and is enhanced with our unique “tuning fork” indices. Traditionally formed custom-made hands with tonal colour infill, complete the dial.

The watch has been modernised with a beautiful “casino chip” enamel screw down back, a signature red aluminium crown embossed with Author’s trademark and a Swiss made Ronda quartz 513S movement. The trench watches collection has been designed and built in Britain exclusively by WT Author and is strictly limited to 125 limited edition pieces.

Each Nº 1914 leather watch strap has been handmade in Britain using Argentinian-sourced buffallo hide. The rich colour of these 8 – 9 ounce double shoulders, which is applied during the oil tanning process, goes completely through the leather. Finished to an incredibly high standard the result is a naturally beautiful strap with a coarse grain that will uniquely mould itself to your wrist over time. The strap has been designed and manufactured to fit a 24 mm lug width with an overall thickness of 3 – 4mm and is embossed with the WT Author ‘A’ trademark. Rounded strap edges and burnished using our own organic wax, each strap is completed with a black PVD coated brass buckle.

Chapter 2 of 13: British Military Watches

Chance leans towards fortune, luck and uncertainty… This was an opportunity.

Engineered through obsessive surveillance and careful organisation. It had been nine years of careful planning and today the moment would arise for an aggressive move across the board. The stakes were high, the rewards beyond comprehension. Today they would have their secrets.

What he knew transcended religion, yet the man they tracked took refuge in the city’s cathedral. He was now a disciple of fate. In this great temple he encountered a friend, beckoning him from the vestry. She was a loyal warden who alerted him to his impending assassination, and with death came the pillage of his mighty knowledge. Fate brought them there that evening, a gift seemingly from a higher power. A hand to prevent unthinkable consequences. Trusting no-one, not even this divine intervention, he plotted his escape.

He wakes to the loud chiming of bells. Knowing his location has been compromised, the countdown has begun. His plan is considered and calculated, his margin for error minute. There is only one way out. For one so burdened, he carries no obvious marks. His ability to merge and to blend is where he must now focus. He pulls on his uniform, feeling the familiar material bearing every award received in service. A familiar knock at the door marks the time to move, and he is escorted to the royal convoy outside. For his own protection he will reside in the centre of the procession. This closely guarded military escort will be his shield through the heaving throng of patriotic bystanders.

The moment the explosion rips through the convoy and shakes the ground under his feet, he knows his plan must surely fail. The motorcade scatters in different directions in an attempt to escape the carnage. Amidst the chaos and smoke he escapes his vehicle, a deafening scream tearing through his ears, knocking him off balance. The sound of gunfire ricochets through the narrow streets behind him. They are hitting the wrong man. The significance of the mistakenly murdered passenger is yet to be carved into the tablets of history. The repercussions will ripple across the continent, as the blood of the millions washes away borders and redefine nations.

For his own survival, his options are bleak. He must continue in the knowledge that now, more than ever, his gift must be guarded.

He is the curator.

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