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A dark celebration of self-destruction by referencing the moments leading up to the crash of the British Stock Exchange. Somehow Nº 1929 manages to become something beautiful. Some of the most adventurous and experimental looking cushion case watches in the collection.


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The History of our Cushion Case Watches


Set in 1929 London, England, our leather watches, Nº 1929, are now available with the latest chapter from WT Author’s book and comes with a signed screen print with corresponding number.

Launched Wednesday, 2nd September 2015, the Nº 1929 leather watches for men by WT Author are available for general sale through our store from £350.


Set fifteen years after our second collection, Nº 1929 leather watches draws inspiration from the period leading up to the crash at the London Stock Exchange. Developing the firmly established aesthetics of our signature silhouette, our third chapter of cushion case watches reference the dawn of the iconic cushion case watch head. The brazed lugs take on a more contemporary look with our modified 20mm handmade leather strap.

The leather watches measure 42mm across, 49mm high including the lugs with an overall case depth of 10.5mm. The dial utilises polished numbers taking influence directly from 1920’s era watches with a beautifully etched guilloché centre pattern. The minute track is enhanced with our unique “tuning fork” indices.

The new timepieces have been modernised with the beautiful “casino chip” enamel screw down back, signature red aluminium crown embossed our brand’s iconic trademark and a Swiss Made Ronda 513S Quartz or Citizen 9015 Automatic movement. Each collection has been designed and built in Britain exclusively by WT Author and is strictly limited to 125 limited edition pieces (Nº 1929 automatic black edition is limited to only 100 pieces).

Each Nº 1929 leather watch strap has been handmade in Britain using Argentinian-sourced buffalo hide. The rich colour of the 8 – 9 ounce double shoulders, which is applied during the oil tanning process, goes completely through the leather. The result is a beautiful natural coarse grain strap finished to an incredibly high standard. Over time this will mould itself to your wrist. The strap has been designed and manufactured to fit a 20mm lug width with an overall thickness of 3 – 4mm and is embossed with the WT Author ‘A’ trademark. Rounded strap edges and burnished using our own organic wax each strap is completed with a polished full buckle.

Chapter 3 of 13: Leather Watches

Fear, suspicion, panic… All it needs is a spark.

Once again, his absence has left an opportunity for dark forces to surface.
Now, he returns to a modern, sophisticated world which dances to the rhythm of money and markets. Wealth pours from the city, the power to purchase seizing its citizens and their excesses.

His home of old is occupied by a man named Clarence – a banker himself. Clarence trades, he risks, he gambles and wagers. He sweeps aside the deprived and have-nots. His miserly manner cares not for others as he marches forward, gathering, accumulating, hoarding. But the greatest wealth continues to elude his possession. His name might adorn deed after deed, title after title, yet it is our old friend’s secrets which hold the real power; our old friend’s secrets which remain hidden in a safe within the walls of his, now Clarence’s, home.
He reacts to rumours, acquiring business after business, loan after loan. His treasure is said to be buried within the foundations of a steel works, then in the grounds of a chemical plant. He borrows and borrows, becoming more frantic and more vulnerable with every additional burden. The stock exchange is his empress, no request can be denied. Yet still these prized secrets lie uncovered, just a few agonising strides from the foot of his office desk.

Our old friend waits in the shadows, conscientiously monitoring this unsustainable trajectory. Soon the house of cards will topple. He must be ready.
And so, a final roll of the dice. Clarence makes the call. He flings the telephone across the room as the magnitude of his capitulation hits home. And then a hole… in the opposing wall… a glimmer of metal. He rushes over to pick at the plaster, revealing a safe, that motif, his prize! He is saved. A bang at the door, and a sudden surge of people exploding into the room. What was firmly in his grasp is as quickly gone. His empire is destroyed. He is destroyed. Assets frozen. Bankrupt. Imprisoned. His final deception sends shockwaves through the world markets, which teeter and topple. A world so close to recovery, brought to its knees. Author, steps out from the shadows to recover what is rightfully his: just a few simple items to protect the entirety of mankind. A burden he knows only too well.

There will be no more mistakes.

If they want answers they will have to find him. Once again he has become the protector.

Let them hunt…

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