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Handmade Watches

Our Story

We’re WT Author, the Microbrand that designs & builds limited edition, handmade watches from our own Studio & Workshop in Shropshire, UK.

Let us look back to where it all started, September 2012, spending one year meticulously creating our earliest edition.

The collection was successfully launched at 13:00, Friday 13 September 2013, spawning seven further Watch Chapters since…

Handmade Watches

The Evolution of the Wristwatch

Every year, we continue to grow our legacy by charting the evolution of the wristwatch.

We survive by reinvesting our profits to build a watch that’s always better than our last.

This thorough, honest and straightforward nature is our most important quality.

We stick to our promises and never let anyone down.

handmade watches wt author 1980s watch assembly

Handmade Watches

The 10 Rules of Watch Design

Explore our fascinating story, illuminating the 10 cardinal rules of watch design that have shaped our legacy in the world of horology…

Handmade Watches

handmade watches wt author rule 1 be original

Rule #1

Be Original

Embrace your uniqueness confidently and let it enhance your style.

Discover what works for you and expresses your ideas.

Avoid bland imitations and focus on evolving each element.

WT Author prioritises originality over chasing bestsellers, aiming for our products to be unique conversation starters.

Handmade Watches

handmade watches wt author rule 1 leave a legacy

Rule #2

Leave a Legacy

The internet has removed geographical borders.
No matter where you are in the world, we should all be treated equally.

Collaborations with toolmakers, artisans & printers means that ‘off-
the-shelf’ is no longer in our vocabulary.

You’ll never see another watch quite like ours, nor will it cost you anything to receive it.

Handmade Watches

Rule #3

Keep Things Limited

Celebrate your uniqueness and enjoy the exclusivity of limited quantities.

WT Author captures perfect moments in time with our watches, never repeating designs.

We prioritise exclusivity and individuality, offering bespoke, highly personal products, including a matching signed and numbered print for each handmade watch.

Handmade Watches

Rule #4

The Price You See is the Price You Pay

The internet has revolutionised the way we connect, breaking down geographical barriers and bringing us all closer together.

In this digital age, we believe in treating everyone equally, no matter where you are in the world.

That’s why we collaborate with the finest toolmakers, artisans, and printers to create exceptional works of art that are truly unique. “

handmade watches wt author watch assembly tools

Handmade Watches

Rule #5

Your Value is in Your Desirability

We craft watches in our own workshop, making each item desirable through hands-on effort. 

‘Designed in Britain’ isn’t enough; we strive for more. 

Jon, our watchmaker, meticulously builds and ships each piece, also leading our responsive after-sales support. 

Sam, our watch designer, ensures authenticity, innovation and individuality in every collection, evolving components to set our watches apart from the rest.

Handmade Watches

handmade watches wt author 1940 cream assembly

Rule #6

Be Happy In Your Own Skin

Embrace who you are as we enhance our brand and transparently document our journey.

Our patrons are rewarded for their trust.

Avoiding overused phrases, we create everything in-house, from our website to our watches, using British and imported parts.

We capitalise on cultural quirks to delight and surprise our followers.

handmade watches wt author watch straps

Handmade Watches

Rule #7

Don’t Take the Easy Route

Don’t settle for the easy route; take pride in creating something special.

Our hand-built collections exemplify this approach.

Being independent, WT Author, founded by Jon Shakespeare and Sam Holland in Birmingham, UK, answers to no investors.

We’ve shipped products to 30+ countries and exhibited at prestigious European events for over 10 years.

Handmade Watches

handmade watches wt author 1968 assembly

Rule #8

Never Settle for Mediocrity

As an independent company, you have the power to call your own shots.

With a well-structured plan, our development process encourages innovation and avoids delays.

Don’t settle for mediocrity.

Our built-to-order watches serve as eye-catching conversation starters and functional timepieces.

handmade watches wt author watch movement

Handmade Watches

Rule #9

Create Long-Lasting Relationships

We believe emotional connections form through physical interactions.

We’ve built lasting bonds with people at global exhibitions, valuing face-to-face connections over being an online-only brand.

It’s not just about watches, but making friends and knowing customers personally.

We collaborate with Get A Grip Studio for limited edition prints, Pinegrove Leather for watch straps and Mark Wilkinson of Bear Industries for custom tools.

Handmade Watches

Rule #10

Care About Your Surroundings

We care about our planet and future generations, using sustainable materials, eco-friendly suppliers and conscious distribution partners.

As a small company, we embrace our responsibility.

We’ve raised over £3,500 for charity through auctions.

Our unfiltered passion is evident at exhibitions, where we connect directly with those involved in the product-making process.

Handmade Watches

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Over A Decade of Trust

Our products are available with free international shipping, returns/exchanges and a 24 month guarantee as standard, wherever you are in the world.

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Microbrand Watches

The Making of WT Author

We’re excited to share our passion for horology with you through our fun, informative and engaging videos. 

Together, we’ll unravel the intricate artistry and precision engineering that goes into creating these marvelous masterpieces.


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