Kickstarter Earlier Editions

If you’re new to WT Author or if you have some gaps in your collection & can’t wait until November then you can still get your hands on one of our earlier editions directly through our website.

For one week only, we’re offering £150 off RRP across our earlier editions, hot off the assembly bench & shipped by July 2022. *

Automatic Earlier Editions

Nº 1968 Quartz Earlier Editions

Nº 1953 Quartz Earlier Editions

Nº 1940 Quartz Earlier Editions

Nº 1934 Quartz Earlier Editions

Nº 1929 Quartz Earlier Editions

Nº 1914 Quartz Earlier Editions

Nº 1905 Quartz Earlier Editions

* £150 saving on all earlier editions will be conditional on making a pledge on any physical FINAL COUNTDOWN Reward. Collectors must retain the FINAL COUNTDOWN Reward after delivery to remain qualified for £150 saving on all earlier editions or be charged full price if FINAL COUNTDOWN Reward is returned. This option’s available for 14 days after delivery.  Each Variant is strictly limited meaning all Earlier Edition Add-on Rewards will be processed on a “first come, first served” basis after the campaign end & priority will placed on fulfilling early Backers primarily.

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