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Our limited edition watches will remain limited forever. Click on the links below to navigate to the suitable department, or continue to scroll to view all products.

We want as much control of the product as possible and this will only grow as we continue to progress. We want to ensure quality, but our primary objective is really just to be us. We feel we have something with that human touch that other watch brands at this level just do not have.

From the start we wanted our collection of limited edition watches to remain honest and have personality. A ‘thirteen year plan’ extends from this philosophy – a plan for how special we can make this brand. By working towards the 2013 release date we are now building upon a history for a watch that will continue to become clearer to our followers as we progress.

For our debut product we looked at the humble beginnings of men’s wristwatches that came with the turn of the 20th century, concentrating on the pioneering ideas of that era. We will continue this mentality with every year going forward as we design for the next decade, and so on. Jumping to 2025, we will have thirteen watches each summarising thirteen decades of design.

We give every part of our limited edition watches room to breathe and develop organically. Each component has the opportunity to evolve allowing us to get under the skin of the design and pinpoint aspects that we want to use. We will be pushing forwards to celebrate style innovations and technological breakthroughs. Everything will be considered along the way, with no stone left unturned. As far as the future is concerned we have a framework and we certainly have the ideas in place.

Dedicated to the memory of the patient teacher Wynn Phillips and the loving grandfather Thomas Hall, both have their initials etched into the very fabric of time.

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