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Thank you for choosing a watch from our unique W.T. AUTHOR collection. The most advanced techniques were used during its manufacture, and it underwent stringent controls before it was released for sale.

Your W.T. AUTHOR watch is guaranteed against any defects in material or workmanship that may occur under normal use for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase.


Under no circumstances will W.T. AUTHOR be liable for any incidental or consequential damages.

The Warranty DOES NOT COVER:

1. Batteries, stones, straps, bracelets and watch glasses;

2. Damage or breakage caused from accident, maltreatment or mishandling;

3. Water penetration, except in watches marked as water resistant;

4. Tarnishing of watch bracelets or cases.

Watch Care Instructions:

1. Batteries.

The battery should be replaced about every 18 months. Battery replacement requires the use of specialist tools, and should be carried out by an approved stockists or specialist repairer.

IMPORTANT- do not try to change the battery yourself as this invalidates your warranty.

2. Handling. Your watch will not withstand extreme shocks or vibration. It is sensible to remove your watch before commencing rough work or situation where the watch could be damaged.

3. Bracelet Watches. Take care to avoid bending the bracelet beyond the normal curvature of the wrist. It is recommended the watch be kept in the presentation box when not in use. Avoid placing the watch under heavy objects or loose in a handbag.

4. Water Resistance.

If your watch is not marked, usually on the back of the case, with either the words ‘’Water Resistant’’ or a degree of water resistance e.g. 3ATM, then it is NOT water resistant. Care should be taken to avoid getting the watch wet as damage to the movement may result. This usually applies to watches designed for ‘’dress or cocktail’’ type wear.

3ATM – The watch is designed to withstand accidental splashing or rain but it is NOT suitable for swimming.

5ATM- The watch is designed to withstand leisure type swimming, e.g. swimming baths, yachting and taking a shower. It is NOT designed to withstand sports high board diving, scuba type diving etc.

10ATM – The watch is designed to withstand swimming, yachting, taking a shower, shallow diving.
General Instructions:
• Do not operate buttons or the crown while the watch is in contact with water. Remember diving into a swimming pool can very briefly and significantly increase pressure on your timepiece. It may increase it to beyond limits it has been designed to withstand.

• Pressure in ATM’s is a test pressure and should not be considered as actual diving depth as movement in the water tends to increase the pressure bearing at a given depth.

• If your watch has been used in salt water it should be rinsed off in fresh water and carefully dried.

• Wide variance of the temperature can affect, temporarily, the time-keeping accuracy of your watch.

• Leather straps are not recommended for regular use in water.
Disposal of Electric and Electronic Equipment
The consumer has a significant role to play in reducing the impact of waste electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and accumulators on the environment, through re-using or recycling such articles.

Some batteries and accumulators and some of the components used in electrical and electronic equipment may contain hazardous substances that can damage the environment and present a risk to human health if not properly disposed of.

The crossed out wheelie-bin symbol on this product is to remind you that waste electrical and electronic products, batteries and accumulators should not be disposed of with household waste.

If you are unable to re-use or recycle your article it should be disposed of at a civic amenity site/local authority recycling facilities.