The Nº 1968 Yellow Quartz [Prize Draw]

The Nº 1968 yellow quartz motorsport watch, limited to only 3 serial numbers with only one made available to the public. By placing a deposit of £50 to reserve any available Nº 1968 watch between April and Friday, 13 September 2019, entry number #60 was the winner. Drawn live online at 13:00 (UK) on Friday, 13 September 2019.





We are proud to present our seventh collection – the Nº 1968 motorsport watch.

It marks the 1968 season of World Championship motor racing. Our signature silhouette adopts a rotating bezel referencing a motorsport watch from the time, and introduces the renowned style into our growing collection of timepieces that includes examples of military, aviation and diving stories to name a few!

The Nº 1968 is a quartz wristwatch with a stop second device, unidirectional rotating bezel and serial numbered back. Each 316L stainless steel watch head measures 44 mm diameter × 49 mm length (lug-to-lug) × 12.5 mm depth (including lugs) and is tested to 10 ATM (100m / 325ft) water resistance.

Utlising a beautiful combination of meticulously polished and carefully brushed surfaces, it has been elevated further with the use of a delicately brushed two-tone, unidirectional rotating bezel. The knurled crown features a bold, deep red anodised finish, consistent with all of our past collections.

The screw down back is etched with the WT Author mark and uniquely allocated serial number. The bespoke watch head is finished with the option of a heavy-duty handmade rally strap in deep tan or a solid, delicately brushed stainless steel jubilee bracelet.

Every watch is built to order with British and imported parts in our UK workshop located in Shropshire. It is guaranteed against any defects in material or workmanship that may occur under normal use for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase. Learn more.

motorsport watch no 1968 yellow wt author



Featuring a bright yellow finish applied to a beautiful matt dial that brings a bold contrast against polished black indices. Striking, angled hour markers are applied precisely to the dial with a characterful chequered minute track.

motorsport watch wt author yellow no 1968 wrist shot



Founded in Waldenburgertal, the company headquarters are now in Lausen. The group has five international subsidiaries.

The caliber Nº 513S is analogue quartz movement, assembled in Switzerland. It is produced in-house by high-speed automatic assembly lines and undergoes strict quality checks.

The component includes repairable metal clockwork with a very powerful stepper motor and fixed pulse.

motorsport watch wt author yellow no 1968 watchmaking table



The Nº 1968 motorsport watch harks back to the golden age of World Championship motor racing. We have taken every essential aspect of this legendary style and modernised it from top-to-bottom within our own expertly engineered unique components.

It has been designed to fit perfectly on the wrist within a robust and solid watch head that has been assembled to be put through its paces. The result is a timepiece with a 44 mm diameter, a length of 49 mm (lug-to-lug), all contained within a depth of 12.5 mm (including lugs).

We effortlessly combine beautifully brushed and highly polished surfaces that meet to create a clean aesthetic with incredibly strong properties. The knurled, black ion-plated watch head wall brings a dynamic style whilst offering a fantastically machined aesthetic.

motorsport watch wt author yellow no 1968 strap making tools



The bold unidirectional rotating bezel offers quick functionality through knurled grip areas on the edge of the component. The two-tone aesthetic presented through the anodised finish is enhanced further by a delicately brushed surface.

The bezel’s original function serves to record elapsed time in motor racing. The 12 o’clock marker is aligned to the prominent minute / second hand to record up to 60 minutes / seconds of elapsed time. The unidirectional ratcheting mechanism stops any accidental movement to the bezel thus avoiding any chance of less time being recorded.

motorsport watch wt author yellow no 1968 case back



The intricately machined screw down back includes deep, tooled recesses with enamel infill to reflect our established signature “poker chip” aesthetic influenced from our previous watch collections. The component creates a powerful seal that ensures water resistance tested to 100m / 10 ATM.

The stable construction with precisely defined architecture has been designed and machined to be as beautiful as every other component on the watch. The back is finished with our intricately printed mark and serial code to indicate its allotted number in the limited edition collection.

motorsport watch wt author yellow no 1968 watchmaking unit



The crown is placed at the 3 o’clock position with lugs that fall tightly underneath the top component of the watch head, avoiding any discomfort to your wrist.



The solid sapphire crystal lens is constructed in extremely high temperatures and made up of crystalline aluminium oxide. Each item is precisely cut with diamond saws that are then ground & polished into shape for the finished product.

It offers significantly more scratch resistance vs. traditional glass, plastic or acrylic crystal as well as being extremely strong and shatter resistant. The solid sapphire crystal lens has an identical hardness to natural sapphire.



The watch dial is where we can be the most expressive. The Nº 1968 watch comes in twelve different colour options: Gold, Blue, Red, Green, Silver, Cream, Black, Cerulean, Orange, White, Scarlet and Yellow. Each one carries a specific correlation of meticulously designed hour, minute and second indices. The hour markers utilise a correlation of our faceted, signature “tuning fork” indices applied securely to the dial to compliment the thick matt painted WT Author mark at the 12 position.

Delicate gloss painted inner and outer minute tracks surround the dial, allowing details like the date window and model information at the 3 and 6 o’clock positions to be picked up through a palette of contrasting colours. The result is a timepiece that’s colourful, eye-catching and legible.



The highly distinctive minute, hour and second hands utilise a combination of brightly coloured gloss paint finishes. The bold forms have been designed to be easily read and visible against the dial.



We collaborate with talented CNC toolmakers to craft bespoke watch straps full of character, meaning and originality. The origin of the handmade strap in question dates back to the 1970’s. The puncture pattern was directly inspired by the perforations present in certain parts of racing cars as a way to reduce weight.

Each leather watch strap has been handmade in Britain using vegetable tanned dyed through Italian cow hide. The rich colour, treated with waxes and oils offers a distressed effect which lightens in colour when folded or turned. The natural grain is left intact to show all the growth marks and unique character, giving a distinctive look with this mellow feeling skin. The strap has been designed and manufactured to fit a 22 mm lug width with an overall thickness of 3 mm and is embossed with the WT Author ‘A’ trademark. Each strap is completed with a brushed stainless steel buckle and finished with rounded, burnished strap edges.

Choose a 22 mm solid stainless steel jubilee bracelet as an optional band add-on to all purchases for £45 each instead of the usual £65.



Our packaging has been engineered to be 100% reusable and recyclable, as well as providing a lightweight solution to reduce wasteful distribution. We endeavour to use recycled stock at every possible opportunity. The inherent beauty of this repurposed material is adorned by our own exclusive artwork.

Every watch comes accompanied by the following items:

  • Custom limited edition bumper sticker.
  • Chapter 7 taken from The Book of WT Author (the Nº 1968’s story visualised within a beautifully formatted booklet).

Learn more about our environmental commitments here.

Additional information


Swiss made caliber Nº 513S quartz movement by Ronda. Powerful stepper motor. Fixed motor pulse.




44 mm

Case Material

Stainless steel


12.5 mm


49 mm

Lug width

22 mm


Limited to 3 serial numbers only

Water Resistance

10 ATM / 100 m


Unidirectionally rotating


Screw down


Solid sapphire crystal front


Anodised aluminium

Strap Types

Handmade Italian leather rally (+ additional jubilee bracelet)

Strap Colour



Read our full guarantee at


14 day returns policy for returning non-faulty products. Full details are available at


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