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Sustainable Watch Company

Our Environmental Commitments

Learn how our sustainable watch company encourages environmental commitments.

Sustainable Watch Company

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Long-Lasting Design

Timeless Craftsmanship

Each product is assembled around a highly-reliable movement to give you the ability to maintain the watch with us directly or with another service.

Our purpose-built workshop is located in a disused Royal Mail sorting office where we build & continue to fully service every product that is sold by WT Author.

Sustainable Watch Company

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Reusability & Recyclability

Embracing Sustainability

Our packaging has been engineered to be 100% reusable & recyclable, as well as providing a lightweight solution to reduce wasteful distribution.

We endeavour to use recycled stock at every possible opportunity.

The inherent beauty of this repurposed material is adorned by our own exclusive artwork.

Sustainable Watch Company

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Sustainable Materials

The Eco-Warrior of Packaging

Cardboard leads the world as a sustainable packaging choice, being recyclable, renewable, reusable and biodegradable.

With an impressive recycling rate of over 80%, corrugated cardboard boasts the UK’s best record among packaging materials.

This remarkable recycling rate prevents landfill space equivalent to Greater London’s size from being filled every four months.

The outdated “one size fits all” approach to boxes is being replaced by well-designed, right-sized packaging.

This innovative method offers maximum protection while minimising material usage.

By opting for the appropriate box sizes, we can eliminate waste and reduce storage and transportation costs.

Additionally, well-designed packaging lowers product damages, ultimately resulting in fewer returns and less wastage.

Sustainable Watch Company

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Environmentally Friendly Factories

Creating a Greener Future

Throughout the value chain, including its suppliers, the Citizen group aims to create a sustainable production process.

Miyota Saku Factory was established as a “green park” to help reduce the effects on the environment.

About 26,000 plants of 110 varieties have been planted on the facility grounds in order to help maintain & lower ground surface temperatures during all seasons of the year.

What’s more “green” micro-climate zones also prevent heat build up & allow for usage of natural rainwater for the growing plants.

The site also incorporates LED lighting & high-efficiency compressors to further reduce electricity & gas consumption.

Moreover, the building’s smart environmental controls also utilize the heat exhaust & cooling for a more efficient air-conditioning system that contributes to lowering CO₂ emissions.

Sustainable Watch Company

Sustainable Fulfilment & Distribution

Royal Mail’s Green Commitment

With the UK’s largest ‘Feet on the Street’ network of over 85,000 postmen & women Royal Mail already has the lowest reported carbon emissions per parcel of any major UK delivery company.

But they want to go further, taking action to continually reduce emissions, reduce waste & improve the air quality in the communities in which we operate.

This includes investing in technologies such as electric vehicles, drones, alternative fuel trucks & energy improvements to their estate.

They are committed to providing sustainable services for our Collectors & communities as we deliver against our environmental ambitions.

Sustainable Watch Company

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Sustainable Hosting

A Greener Online Presence

We’re passionate about reducing our carbon footprint and we’re happy to share our steps to create a more sustainable website with you.

By choosing a green provider, we’re able to reduce our carbon footprint without sacrificing site speed or reliability.

Our data centers are strategically located around the world to minimise energy consumption.

We also optimise our media files, fonts, and front-end code to reduce file sizes and improve loading time.

And with caching and a content delivery network, our website loads lightning-fast while using less energy. 

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