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Watch Art

Watch Art

Transform your space into an art gallery for watch enthusiasts with our captivating collection of watch art.

Immerse yourself in the intricate beauty of horology as our meticulously crafted artworks celebrate the timeless allure of watches.

Each piece showcases the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into creating these mechanical wonders, allowing you to appreciate their aesthetic charm even when they’re not on your wrist.

Transform your space with captivating art that celebrates the beauty of horology.

WT Author

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WT Author


watch art Cartier Santos poster tube wt author


Bringing Digital Art to the Physical Realm

Introducing art by WT Author.

The A4 to A0 variants are signed by the artist and verified by a Certificate of Authenticity presented to the owner.

The dimensions we provide are designed to be framed and presented.

We want digital art to be enjoyed in the physical realm.

watch art Omega Speedmaster poster tube flat lay wt author

Creative Process

Revolutionising Production

Produced in-house with the new technique of manually combining a multitude of materials generated individually with AI inputs, painstakingly enhanced with digital tools, and enlarged to print resolution.

The original art print is produced at 1200 ppi.

watch art Patek Philippe Nautilus close up corner wt author

WT Author


watch art Rolex Daytona studio light full wt author

The Printing Press

Vibrant Elegance

UK-made, this 200gsm enhanced matte art paper offers premium quality with a tactile feel and slight bend.

Sustainably sourced, it features a textured feel, smooth finish, and vibrant colours using neo-pigment eco-inks that ensure a 3D effect and 100-year durability.

Our prints are produced via Giclée printing for exceptional image resolution and detail retention.

watch art Tag Heuer Monaco dark lounge wt author

Sustainability Commitments

Printing for a Conscious Future

Neo-pigment, water-based inks are 100% non-hazardous, toxin-free and vegan friendly.

Wood and pulp for our paper is sourced from sustainably managed forests that meet the needs of wildlife while supporting livelihoods and providing many other ecosystem services, such as carbon storage and flood risk mitigation.

Our printing is produced solely in the UK, which reduces carbon emissions by operating in a smaller network.

By Design


By Specification

All pieces are pressed on enhanced matte fine art paper.

Select size (A4 to A0) on product page.


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