Dress Watches for Women

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Dress watches for women by WT Author are now available at the watch store. View our full collection with handmade leather straps and Milanese watch bands. Introducing Emmeline – the watch to accompany Nº 1953 unsurprisingly stands on it’s own as a complete work. The first series of ladies watches to be produced by WT Author. Utilising a combination of matt and highly-polished surfaces, our signature silhouette adopts a sophisticated style without losing the robust nature of the WT Author aesthetic. Each watch is finished beautifully with a refined 20mm handmade leather strap. Or choose a silver-tone stainless steel Milanese bracelet instead. We build our products using tailor-made components from every corner of the globe (from USA to South America, Asia to Switzerland and of course, Britain). We believe that our products should be available at the same price wherever you are in the world therefore we offer free international shipping.