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WT Author Nº 1984 White Orbit Limited Edition Watch Review

watch review blog

watch magazine wt author watch review blog no 1984 white

“Despite being a newer watchmaker, WT Author is quickly becoming one of my favorite brands. They’ve made a name for themselves developing unique watches with bright, colorful designs. Even their more formal, monochrome watches use quirky dial symbols and other striking visual elements.”

17 Jun. 2022



watch magazine wt author watchtrotter no 1987 orange

“I tested the Nº 1987 Orange Variant [Vanguard] for a few days and I must say that I really liked it a lot. What amazed me the most is the portability, it is a pleasure to wear. You forget you have it on your wrist and it is not bulky at all thanks to the crown positioned at 4 o’clock.” 

23 May. 2022

WT Author’s Final Countdown watch is bold as hell

wristwatch review

watch magazine wt author wristwatch review no 1986 yellow

“This is a watch that was light and comfortable, despite being much larger on paper than I would ever choose for myself. As I said on the Hourtime Show, it’s a watch that should be impossible. It’s big, large, and yet wears completely comfortably.” 

20 May. 2022

These Limited-Edition, UK-Built Tool Watches Are Inspired by 1980s Tactical Hardware

cool material

watch magazine wt author cool material no 1989 khaki

“If you want to be sporting a timepiece as unique as you are, you owe it to yourself to check out all the new options from microbrand WT Author.” 

09 May. 2022

The Kickstarter Artisan Brand – WT Author Final Countdown Unboxing

jason the watch guy

“There’s no question of the quality of the pieces. I mean you can see it in the build and this is just a prototype. WT Author are artisan watchmakers.” 

02 May. 2022

Wt author final countdown review

wristwatch review uk

“If you like the looks of this watch and are wondering whether to back it, then go for it. The specifications and build quality are excellent, and WT Author has a good track record of delivering their pre orders.” 

01 May. 2022

Wt author launches ten 1980s military-inspired watches

A blog to watch

watch magazine wt author a blog to watch no 1986 yellow

“The new ‘FINAL COUNTDOWN’ Nº 1980-1989 Collection features 10 different iterations that each relate to military equipment or armaments. From the ocean depths to high-soaring contrails, each unique example is decidedly utilitarian with a clear nod to the 1980s.” 

26 Apr. 2022


yanko design

watch magazine wt author yanko design no 1985 blue

“The FINAL COUNTDOWN series of watches come in a staggering 10 different variants, with unique color schemes, iconography, and visual palettes that are designed to captivate instantly. The watches aren’t for the minimalist at heart, or for the Apple Watch-wearing, step-counting, heart-rate-checking kind. They’re designed with an attitude that goes beyond what a minimal watch or a smartwatch can offer.” 

26 Apr. 2022



watch magazine wt author swagger no 1982 grey

“They have evolved their craft with an ever-growing collection of timepieces that so far includes examples of aviation, racing and diving models to name a few. Now releasing their take on the tool watch on Kickstarter as well as exploring unknown territory in the world of NFTs, WT Author have never been afraid to take risks in both their bold designs and in their strategy.” 

26 Apr. 2022


men’s gear

watch magazine wt author mensgear no 1983 red

“WT Author shares their expertise and proves their knowledge through the ‘10 Rules Of Watch Design,’ showing how comfortable they are with the unique ideas they have for their products. Moreover, every watch comes accompanied by sentimental ideas they have for their products.” 

26 Apr. 2022

WT Author Nº 1934 Automatic Watch Review

watch review blog

watch magazine wt author watch review blog no 1934 blue

“One of my favourites is WT Author, a newer watchmaker based in Shropshire, UK. What makes WT Author special is the way they make their watches. Instead of mass-producing their watches in a large factory, every timepiece is assembled by hand in their small workshop.” 

07 Apr. 2022

Handmade British Watches! – WT Author Nº 1940 Unboxing

jason the watch guy

“This is artisan watchmaking at its finest! WT Author is a truly special microbrand from the UK.” 

06 Apr. 2022



watch magazine wt author watchtrotter no 1968 cream

“Colourful, quirky, handcrafted, this watch fully embodies the fundamentals of the English team’s work and their commitment to offering the highest quality.” 

01 Apr. 2022


hype and style

watch magazine wt author hype and style no 1968 cerulean

“WT Author is one of those brands that pretty much designed some crazy-looking watches and said: ‘We hope some of you like them.’ But their designs are not just crazy for craziness’ sake, but rather founded in a historical era, designed with specific inspiration from that era, and then splashed with colours. And the result is a pretty interesting line-up of diverse and unique watches.” 

27 Mar. 2022

Wt author nº 1986 review

wristwatch review uk

“Presentation of the WT Author Nº 1968 is to the brand’s usual high standards with a glossy book and their signature recyclable box – with a genuine wax seal. I love the way WT Author presents their watches, and this is no exception.” 

21 Mar. 2022


half past blog

“The N° 1940 by WT Author is meant for someone who enjoys bold aviation design and larger dimensions that still wears comfortably on the wrist.” 

19 Mar. 2022


The Time bum

watch magazine wt author the time bum no 1940 white

“Like all of the brand’s creations, the WT Author N° 1940 harkens back to a particular year but isn’t a copy of any watch from that era. Seriously, I doubt your great-grandad wore anything like this in 1940.” 

17 Mar. 2022

A British Built Dive Watch – WT Author Nº 1973 Unboxing and Review

Wristwatch review uk

“The WT Author Nº 1973 raised a few eyebrows when we previewed it last March. Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, the watches are now in backers’ hands, and I was pleasantly surprised when one dropped through my door just before Christmas.” 

07 Jan. 2022

WRUK : Watch of the year 2021

Wristwatch Review UK

“First place and our award for Watch of the year 2021 goes to the WT Author No. 1953. It’s entirely bespoke and British-built, which we believe justifies its asking price. There’s nothing else quite like it on the market, and the fact it comes from a tiny brand adds to the appeal. We hope the new WT Author 1973 model is just as good: hopefully, we’ll get our hands on one in 2021.”

28 Dec. 2021

In review : wt author 1953

The Wristwatch Review


We’ve reviewed (and written about) a number of watches from WT Author (you can see those here), but with today’s review, we’re leaving behind the trench watch aesthetics of the prior models, and are getting into something a bit more modern – and dressy – with the WT Author 1953.

01 Sep. 2021

Design branding entrepenurship

crown unfiltered

“Sam is one half of WT AUTHOR, a British watch brand with story, originality and character. This is the first time I have had the opportunity to sit down with Sam and hear all the stories of that journey in such detail. There is everything from Kickstarter campaigns to the growing pains of entrepreneurship. They have lived it all and Sam shared it all!”

11 Aug. 2021

WT Author Nº 1953 Black Review

Wristwatch Review UK

“The finishing on the WT Author Nº 1953 is exceptional. Every angle, every facet has been polished or brushed to perfection. It looks and feels every bit as good as watches costing five times as much. I love the quirky design, which rather than a circle, reminds me of a flower.

14 Jul. 2021


YOUR average guy

watch magazine wt author your average guy no 1968 phantom

“The watch is undoubtedly gorgeous to look at, bathed in a mix of polished and brushed metals with a two-tone yellow and racing green colour scheme across the bezel. Each gift box includes both a leather strap and a metal bracelet (depending on your preference).

02 Jul. 2021

WT Author Nº 1953 White Automatic Watch Review

watch review blog

watch magazine wt author watch review blog no 1953 white

“Without a doubt, the Nº 1953’s most striking feature is its dual-tone case. The 316L stainless steel has a satin grey finish on the bottom half, which is certainly serviceable enough. But the top half is rose gold in color, and the bezel sits on the bottom half like an inverted crown.

02 Jul. 2021


the time bum

watch magazine wt author the time bum no 1968 phantom

“Many micro brands play it safe. They start with a conservative dress piece, then maybe introduce a Sub-style diver or Flieger-inspired pilots’ watch, and only then do they let the creative juices flow. Others, like WT Author, come barreling right out of the gates with their own unique vision and just roll from there. Clearly, it worked.

02 Jul. 2021


British watch & clock makers

watch magazine wt author british watch and clock makers no 1973 black

We’re the official Trade Body representing Britain’s watch and clock makers. WT Author is the independent microbrand that designs and builds limited edition watches from our workshop in Shropshire.”

01 Jul. 2021

Limited Edition Watches Built by WT Author


The new mechanical tool watch collection built by WT Author. We assemble bespoke products full of character, meaning & originality. Named after the year the iconic G10 NATO strap was issued by the British Ministry of Defence, the Nº 1973 watch introduces the renowned diving aesthetic to our growing collection of timepieces that so far includes examples of military, aviation and racing stories to name a few!”

26 Apr. 2021


yanko design

watch magazine wt author yanko design no 1973 diver watch

“Kickstarter has still been an absolute boon for small-time creators looking to connect directly with passionate customers and patrons. If anything, it’s helped the independent watchmaker reach a larger audience without having to jump through the hoops that the luxury watchmaking industry has set up precisely to keep outsiders out. Just ask UK-based independent watch-design and watchmaking studio WT Author, who is taking to Kickstarter to release its 8th watch since the company’s inception in 2013.

20 Apr. 2021


a blog to watch

watch magazine wt author a blog to watch no 1973

“Based in the heart of Shropshire, UK, WT Author is a contemporary company that builds every watch to order in its workshop. Each new series from the company, including the Nº 1973, indicates an impressive level of rumination on aspects such as design and components.”

13 Apr. 2021


crown at 4

watch magazine wt author crown at 4 no 1973 green

“The English microbrand WT Author is introducing an automatic diver. The N ° 1973 takes its name from the NATO strap that we use today all over the world for any sports model. In 1973, the British Ministry of Defense created the G10 strap , what today we only improperly call the “NATO Strap”.” 

11 Apr. 2021

Now Funding: WT Author Nº 1973

the wristwatch review

watch magazine wt author the wristwatch review no 1973

“It’s been many a month since we’ve had WT Author on our pages. When they were starting up, we actually went through a number of their watches (190519141929) before we took a break. Well, as you can tell from that lineup, they’ve been bringing their watch design through the decades, and time marches ever forward. Now, they’ve launched the latest – the WT Author 1973 – on Kickstarter.

08 Apr. 2021



watch magazine wt author watchtrotter no 1973

“Sam Holland and Jon Shakespeare are passionately dedicated to creating watches in their Shropshire workshop near Birmingham, and they do it in an artisanal way, doing things the old way. Jon is the “watchmaker” and Sam the “creative”. After 45 models and 7 watch collections, they are ready to present the new Nº 1973, available in 100 pieces for each color: black, blue, green, orange and yellow.” 

02 Apr. 2021

Diving-inspired N° 1973 watch

adventure 52

watch magazine wt author adventure 52 no 1973 super luminova

“We hadn’t heard of WT Author until now, but it’s a British watchmaker based in Shropshire that makes some lovely adventure-inspired watches. The brand is about to announce a new design, called the Nº 1973, which has a dive-watch styling and launches on Kickstarter.”

30 Mar. 2021

Introducing the WT Author Nº 1973

wristwatch review UK

watch magazine wt author wristwatch review no 1973 yellow

“We do our best to feature British Brands at WRUK, so we were excited to hear about the WT Author Nº 1973 – handmade here in the UK. The Nº 1973 comes to Kickstarter and is available as a limited run of 100 pieces in five colours: blue, green, black, orange and yellow. Powered by a Miyota movement, it will retail at £500.” 

26 Mar. 2021

Nº 1940 Battle of Britain Pilot Watches

watch u seek

watch magazine wt author watchuseek no 1940 cream

“The brand’s signature silhouette references aircraft gauges of the era. Each watch is beautifully finished with a 22 mm handmade leather strap. Using matt surfaces, the black pilots’ watch measures 45 mm across, 50 mm high including the lugs with an overall case depth of 12.5 mm. The dials feature indices taking influence directly from 1940’s aircraft panels and are enhanced with Author’s distinctive hour markers.”

10 Jul. 2018

5 thoughtful Christmas gift ideas for men

country living

watch magazine wt author country living no 1929 black

“Expertly crafted by hand, this luxuriously stylish and practical piece by WT Author is unlike any other watch on the market. The perfect choice for a man who appreciates the finer things in life.” 

24 Nov. 2016

WT Author White Cushion

la petite trotteuse

watch magazine wt author la petite trotteuse 1929 white

“The 42mm case in 316L steel is notched all around, and that gives it a very vintage look, a little rough and sporty.
It is powered by a Ronda quartz movement, a good Swiss brand, and is covered by a sapphire crystal guaranteed for 2 years.”

04 Aug. 2016

the 30 best summer buys for men

the guardian

watch magazine wt author the guardian no 1905 cream

“Invest in a good watch. WT Author styles are designed and built in the heart of the British countryside and inspired by the history of watch design.” 

30 May. 2016

hands-on with the WT Author Nº 1905

the wristwatch review

watch magazine wt author wristwatch review no 1905 blue

“WT Author is one of those brands that I’ve been pleasantly surprised to run across. They have been creating watches unlike what we had seen prior (at least in the modern era of watches), and they have an overarching plan (and timeline) for how their total collection will play out.” 

08 Apr. 2016

WWR : WT Author Nº 1929 REVIEW

the wristwatch review

watch magazine wt author wristwatch review no 1929 black

“Often, when I talk about new brands that we have been building a relationship with, I talk about looking forward to what will be coming next – or, for those that have been around awhile, seeing how their lineup has changed over time. With WT Author, that concept of change and evolution is actually baked into their principles a bit more than most.

12 Jan. 2016

Top Gear : WT AUTHOR N° 1929

top gear

watch magazine wt author top gear no 1929 black

“The third limited-edition from this British independent – the plan is to release one model a year for 13 years. This one features a cushion case and a Citizen automatic movement. Comes in various colours, on various straps.” 

01 Jan. 2016

5 affordable watches you will want to buy this christmas

the gentleman’s journal

watch magazine wt author gentlemans journal no 1914 cream

“Another British brand, with timepieces reminiscent of early 20th century military watches, WT Author are for the true adventurer – high-grade leather straps combined with unusual yet easy-on-the-eye faces make them an obvious choice. Not to mention their supreme quality too.” 

03 Dec. 2015

Watch magazine

Authors of their own destiny

watch magazine wt author watch pro no 1929 white

“Jon Shakespeare and Sam Holland launched their own high concept watch brand three years ago with the aim of fast-tracking a 130-year ‘history’ through the 20th Century and beyond with 13 annually released watches. For the release of their third chapter, the 1929, WatchPro editor James Buttery charts their progress.” 

WatchPro, 30 Oct. 2015


sport magazine

watch magazine wt author sport magazine no 1914 white

“We Brits take a certain pride in our homemade watches. And we are not the only ones. WT Author are among the names with an interesting story behind them.” 

29 Oct. 2015


menswear style

watch magazine wt author menswear style no 1929 blue

“A good watch should be timeless and effortless. I truly appreciate distinguished timepieces. WT Author has been on my list for some time and with the launch of their third collection my list has just got a little longer. WT Author’s new collection ‘Nº 1929’ features British luxury cushion watches for men in the brand’s signature four colourways.” 

17 Sep. 2015

WT Author reveals third chapter, the Nº 1929 watch


watch magazine wt author watchpro no 1929 cream

“Each year 500 pieces of the new model are produced in four different colours while the watches are presented with a new chapter from the ‘story’ of the fictional WT Author character. The latest watch, the 1929, is inspired by the Wall Street Crash of that year and the black model uses an automatic Miyota 9015 movement for the first time.” 

16 Sep. 2015

WT Author Nº 1929

watch u seek

watch magazine wt author watchuseek no 1929 launch

“Launching Wednesday September 2, 2015, ‘Nº 1929’ the latest British luxury watch for men from independent British brand WT Author, will be made available for general sale through the WT Author Watch Store. The straps on each WT Author watch is hand-made in Britain using Argentinian-sourced buffalo hide embossed with the WT Author ‘A’ trademark.” 

28 Aug. 2015

Samuel L Jackson’s guide to Father’s Day gifts


watch magazine wt author shortlist no 1914 black

Put down that plain-ass sweater. It’s time to get your dad something that makes him feel like what he is: the coolest motherf*cker you know. WT Author : this limited-edition 1914 model is inspired by First World War-era wristwatches, and is available in four colours.” 

18 Jun. 2015

WT Author’s Superb WW1 Watch Collection


watch magazine wt author shortlist no 1914 blue

“The latest series, Nº 1914, winds forward to the designs of World War One: “an era where intensified warfare made digging about in one’s pocket for a watch far too time-consuming, and so the trench wristwatch was introduced”, explains the site. Each watch in the new collection features a 46mm case, a brazed lug standing proud of the casement. Nods toward the era include a fat leather strap, while the dial incorporates bold number markings familiar to watches of trench troops.”  

24 Feb. 2015

WT Author limited edition 1914

watch u seek

watch magazine wt author watchuseek no 1914 white

“British watchmaker WT Author launched its first watch, the Nº 1905, exactly one year ago in 2013 via a hugely successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. One year on and they have just introduced the even more ambitious World War I inspired 1914.” 

15 Oct. 2014

WT Author launches pre-order on the Nº 1914


watch magazine wt author watchpro no 1914 blue

“The 46mm Nº 1914, which follows last year’s inaugural 1905 watch design, draws its inspiration from the First World War and subsequent designs will seek to use design to evoke eras throughout modern history.” 

01 Oct. 2014


THE coolector

watch magazine wt author the coolector no 1914 black

“When it comes to watchmaking, releasing a pre-planned series of watches over a number of years may seem like an ambitious project but this is something that WT Author have taken well and truly in their stride and their latest in the series is called the Nº 1914 and boasts a WWI theme that will appeal to those watch aficionados who like their timepieces to have a military flavour.” 

01 Oct. 2014

wt author : the Nº 1905 collection

the times

watch magazine wt author the times no 1905 white

New British brand WT Author’s debut timepieceNo1905, £350, is inspired by the earliest wristwatch designs.” 

31 May. 2014

Nº 1905 First Edition Watches

gadget flow

watch magazine wt author the gadget flow no 1905 black

“With Father’s Day just around the corner, have we got THE perfect gift choice for you… The first series of limited edition watches by WT Author. Every component has been designed and hand-finished exclusively by WT Author in Britain, and fitted with a Swiss made movement.” 

14 May. 2014

Nº 1905 Wristwatch by WT Author


watch magazine wt author hiconsumption no 1905 blue

“Inspired by the turn of the 20th century, WT Author has created a beautiful set of limited edition watches, aptly titled the Nº 1905 Wristwatch. Available in 4 different colors (including black, blue, cream and white) these timepieces come equipped with Swiss made 513S Calibre movement, hand-made leather straps, and a sapphire coated mineral lens to stand the test of time.” 

12 Mar. 2014

i . spied

the telegraph

watch magazine wt author the telegraph no 1905 white

“Say hello to the rather lovely Nº 1905, the first of 13 limited-edition watches to be released by WT Author over the next 13 years.” 

11 Mar. 2014

Nº 1905 Wristwatch

the awesomer

watch magazine wt author the awesomer no 1905 cream

“Hand-built in very limited quantities, these substantial watches from WT Author feature a Swiss-made analog movement set into a stainless steel case, accented by a distinctive red crown and a handmade leather strap.” 

04 Mar. 2014

Wt author nº 1905

top gear

watch magazine wt author top gear no 1905 white

“It’s sort of the watch you’d hope to find on the wrist of a Victorian engineer. The indices have a classical, almost mathematic feel. There’s a big red crown, which is actually shaped like a crown.” 

03 Mar. 2014

WatchPro announces its Watches of the Year 2013


watch magazine wt author watchpro no 1905 blue

“WT Author Nº 1905 watch collection rated as ‘Highly Commended’ and nominated in the ‘Rising Star of the Year’. ” 

05 Nov. 2013

Wt author watches

the coolector

watch magazine wt author the coolector no 1905 cream

“Watches are a passion of ours here at The Coolector and we particularly favour a good old throwback timepiece that harks back to a simpler time of watchmaking whereby quality spoke for itself and there wasn’t a reliance on clever marketing ploys. Well, we’ve found a wonderful new watchmaker that falls into this bracket and they go by the name of WT Author watches and, as you can patently see from the watch above, they’re all sorts of awesome.” 

29 Oct. 2013

WT Author Nº 1905 Watches

cool material

watch magazine wt author cool material no 1905 watches

“The WT Author Nº 1905 watches are gorgeous. The throwback features like a ribbed case, wire lugs, tapered crown and riveted leather strap make us feel connected to a past we only ever hear about in stories.” 

28 Oct. 2013

Crowd funded watch brand WT Author launches


watch magazine wt author watchpro no 1905 white

“Watch brand WT Author has launched with its Nº 1905 collection. The brand is actively using crowd funding for part of the manufacture and as a promotional tool.”

20 Sep. 2013

Just launched: WT Author Nº 1905 Limited Edition watch

watch u seek

“WT Author have just gone live on for the promotion and funding of their Nº 1905 watch. The launch was timed for exactly 13:00 GMT today. The watch represents the first in a series of Swiss movement watches, hand-finished in Britain. The Nº 1905 will be the first of thirteen designs to be released over thirteen years.” 

13 Sep. 2013

WT AUTHOR launch


watch magazine wt author indiegogo no 1905 watches

“Starting off as casual meetings in local coffee shops discussing our love of fine watches, it soon dawned on both of us exactly how our passion for design could be directed into creating our very own collection. Our ultimate goal would be to create a unique group of watches that could span every style and innovation over the last 13 decades of wristwatch design.” 

13 Sep. 2013

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