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W. T. Author's latest release, drawing inspiration from WW1, features a Swiss made movement housed within a custom-built black stainless steel case, numbered enamel case back and a beautiful tan oiled leather strap handmade in Britain.

Esquire Magazine

Limited edition 'No.1914' watch £350 W. T. Author,,

GQ Magazine

Story Time… New British brand W.T. Author’s debut timepiece, 'No. 1905', £350, is inspired by the earliest wristwatch designs. It uses a Swiss-made Ronda 513s Calibre movement and is hand-finished in Britain. It’s the first of 13 designs to be released over 13 years, in four colours.

The Times Newspaper

It's the sort of watch you'd hope to find on the wrist of a Victorian engineer. The indices have a classical, almost mathematical feel. There's a big red crown, which is actually shaped like a crown. The shapely lugs are brazed into the case, which - viewed side-on - resembles the cooling ribs of an engine block.

Top Gear Magazine

The third limited-edition from this British independent - the plan is to release one a model a year for 13 years. This one features a cushion case and a Citizen automatic movement. Comes in various colours, on various straps.

Top Gear Magazine

During the First World War, wearable timepieces were favoured over pocket watches as time-saving devices, and it's designs from this era that have inspired W. T. Author's limited edition watch 'No. 1914'.

ShortList Magazine

Rest assured, W. T. Author isn't promising a world of unique timepieces that will fail to clock in - successfully backed in 2013, they've already made good on their first set of watches, with their latest collection now ready to ship. Honest.

ShortList Magazine

Say hello to the rather lovely 'No. 1905', the first of 13 limited edition watches to be released by W. T. Author over the next 13 years.

The Telegraph Newspaper

W. T. Author’s signature combination of story-telling and limited edition, unique design come together in the “No. 1914.” Featuring a completely bespoke product, Swiss movement and handmade leather strap, every component comes designed and hand-finished exclusively in Britain.


The W.T. Author 'No. 1905' watches are gorgeous. The throwback features like a ribbed case, wire lugs, tapered crown and riveted leather strap make us feel connected to a past we only ever hear about in stories.

Cool Material

Of all the current projects we’ve seen, the one that’s interesting us the most is startup watch maker W. T. Author. It’s at the beginning of (what it hopes will be) a 13-year project that will see it release a new wristwatch every 12 months, each one informed by a different decade of design.

Mr. Hyde

Hand-built in very limited quantities, these substantial watches from W. T. Author feature a Swiss-made analog movement set into a stainless steel case, accented by a distinctive red crown and a handmade leather strap.

The Awesomer

Rolex? Pah - everyone’s heard of it. Far better to wear a watch by British startup W. T. Author. It’s first model is the No. 1905 - a limited edition based on old pocket watches. We favour the cream, so if you could choose one of the others, that’d be ideal.

Emerald Street

The launch was timed for exactly 13:00 GMT today. The watch represents the first in a series of Swiss movement watches, hand-finished in Britain. The 'No. 1905' will be the first of thirteen designs to be released over thirteen years.


Watch brand W. T. Author has launched with its No. 1905 collection. The brand is actively using crowd funding for part of the manufacture and as a promotional tool.


Rising Star of the Year
W. T. Author


The 46mm 1914, which follows last year’s inaugural 1905 watch design, draws its inspiration from the First World War and subsequent designs will seek to use design to evoke eras throughout modern history.


Founders Jon Shakespeare and Sam Holland release a new model each year under the W. T. Author brand, with design inspired by a different decade of the 20th Century and the most influential event within it.


You are getting unique styling, as well as a representation of an era of watches that does not often get much consideration these days. As far as “old school” homages go, this is an excellent example in my estimation, and it certainly makes me curious about the next edition that they will be producing.

Wristwatch Review

The numerals and indices are raised (along with being polished), and there is a lovely fan/wave pattern than encircles the center of the dial. I think that sort of encapsulates the W.T. Author 'No.1929' in many ways – overall simplicity, with things hiding in the details for those willing to dig in.

Wristwatch Review

W.T. Author are for the true adventurer – high-grade leather straps combined with unusual yet easy-on-the-eye faces make them an obvious choice. Not to mention their supreme quality too.

The Gentlemen's Journal

British watch brand W. T. Author launches its first ever automatic watch, the 1929 Black Edition, inspired by the period leading up to the Wall St Crash and strictly limited to 100 pieces.

Country & Townhouse

The drive towards buying British products is at an all-time high. Add this to the strong foreign demand for British-made goods and British designers, and you have a thriving market for British timepieces... W. T. Author are among the names with an interestin story behind them.

Sport Magazine

W. T. Author’s global appeal has now made it into a truly International brand and with a new collection referencing 1920’s design due to launch this fall; the brand continues to establish itself as the front running contender within the emerging independent watch industry.

HUF Magazine

This season will also mark the release of the brand’s first ever Automatic watch, and my personal favourite the No.1929 Black Edition, which will be produced in stainless steel 42mm and will be limited to only 100 pieces. So if you want one of these you will have to move quickly before its too late.

Menswear Style

A watch (or ‘timepiece’ if you’re feeling fancy) is an essential part of any man’s ensemble. Some of us like sports watches, others like a more classical, rectangular timepiece. I’m not here to judge, but I am here to advise – get a proper watch, such as W. T. Author’s range.


Following on from its debut No. 1905 collection, W.T. Author reprises its ergonomic craftsmanship and reputable success for its second chapter, one that references a war-torn Europe and its pioneering techniques in both modern warfare and utility prowess.

The Sartorial Scout

Watches are a passion of ours here at The Coolector and we particularly favour a good old throwback timepiece that harks back to a simpler time of watchmaking whereby quality spoke for itself and there wasn’t a reliance on clever marketing ploys. Well, we’ve found a wonderful new watchmaker that falls into this bracket and they go by the name of W.T Author watches and, as you can patently see from the watch above, they’re all sorts of awesome.

The Coolector

Inspired by the turn of the 20th century, W.T. Author has created a beautiful set of limited edition watches, aptly titled the NO. 1905 Wristwatch.


These days, it seems like a new company is coming out with a wristwatch every time you turn around. And while W.T. Author joins a sea of many with their new line of timepieces, we’ll say they do what they do better than most of the competition. These watches are elegant pieces of manliness custom made to encircle your wrist.