A Brief Introduction to our British Watches

Creating Exquisite Objects

We are building a legacy for British watches, something that will evolve and adapt over time.

Creating products that instill depth into ideas with a vision that is carried forward into everything we do.

Photos: The Artisan’s Storyteller

Design: Author Studios
Film: Burning Reel
Music: Soundsmiths

British Watches with a Story to Tell

We encompass each limited edition product with a unique character that is individual to the legacy.

Every object is full of meaning and symbolism to intrigue the wearer.

Each year we release another Chapter moving onto another decade of inspiration.

british watches by wt author watch assembly hand setting

British Watches that are Unique

The perfect way we’d hope a wearer to experience our products is as an eye-catching talking point, knowing that the person next to you is never going to be wearing the same watch.

british watches by wt author watch assembly dial component

British Watches that are Independent

WT Author was founded by Jon Shakespeare and Sam Holland in Birmingham, UK. It is entirely independent meaning we have no investors to answer to.

Every creative element from the website to the handmade watches is produced in-house.

british watches by wt author watch assembly movement

British Watches that are Original

Each component has the opportunity to evolve allowing us to get under the skin of the object and pinpoint the aspects that need presenting.

WT Author is self-sufficient and relies on creating originality instead of creating an alternative style from an established name.

Our ideas are never diluted and rather than design Chapters for the sake of being a “bestseller”, we are more concerned with pushing a notion based on what we think is right.

british watches by wt author watch assembly leather strap thinning

British Watches that are Built to Order

Each product is assembled around a highly-reliable movement to give you the ability to maintain the watch with us directly or with another service.

Every Chapter is limited to a specific number allowing you to select from a designated quantity (whether it is limited up to 125 or just 25 pieces).

Each package is wax sealed and shipped to you for free, at the same price wherever you are in the world.

british watches by wt author watch assembly leather folding

British Watches that are Handmade

Our leather watch straps are handmade in Britain using a variety of buffalo and Italian cowhide.

Everything from the product, the book, the screen print, and the package is brought together in our Workshop from every corner of the globe – from USA to South America, Asia to Switzerland and of course, Britain.

The Workshop is located in a disused Royal Mail sorting office where we build and photograph everything for WT Author.

british watches by wt author watch assembly packaging

British Watches that are Limited

Exclusivity remains at the heart of WT Author.

Our products are bespoke as we take pride in individuality and keep everything highly personal.

Our handmade watches are accompanied by a signed and numbered print to match the specific item.

british watches by wt author watch assembly leather strap wax sealed

British Watches that are Collaborative

Get A Grip Studio, a Birmingham-based studio to produce the limited edition screen prints that accompany every Chapter.

Pinegrove Leather, a renowned leather goods manufacturer based in Hebden Bridge to make the watch straps for Chapters Nº 1934, Nº 1940 and Nº 1953.

Mark Wilkinson of Bear Industries, a Lincolnshire-based precision engineer to make all of our custom tools.

british watches by wt author watch assembly inpsection

British Watches with a Sense of Individuality

Our products are built in Britain with British and imported parts.

The group is highly creative with a sense of individuality to pull away from anything else on the market.

We act on inherent cultural quirks and peculiarities to take our followers by surprise.

British Watches that Tour Europe

Our unfiltered passion behind every Chapter is allowed to manifest itself at every exhibition by speaking directly to each individual involved in the making of the product.

Check out the latest dates to see if our exhibition is near you right here.

Our exhibition includes all sold out options, so visitors will always have the opportunity to view those that are no longer available.

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