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Uncharted Territory

Join us in celebrating a decade of excellence as we unveil our exclusive collection of 10 commemorative timepieces, paying tribute to WT Author’s remarkable journey.

Hurry, as each variant is strictly limited to just 50 unique serial numbers. Don’t miss out on owning a piece of our special anniversary edition.

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Discover the ideal timepiece that perfectly complements your style or locate a trusted stockist to experience your dream watch firsthand. At WT Author, we’ve got all your needs covered.

Already own a WT Author watch? Explore our wide range of strap options to refresh and personalise your timepiece with ease.

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Uncover The Archives

Welcome to our watch haven, a place where horological treasures await. Explore our curated selection of timepieces, ranging from sought-after collectibles to contemporary marvels.

Whether you’re in search of a classic beauty or a cutting-edge masterpiece, we’re certain you’ll discover a watch that captivates your gaze.

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Step Into Our Realm

At its core, our microbrand was born from a passion to craft timepieces that transcend mere functionality and delve into the realm of storytelling, embodying our deep appreciation for history and design.

As we progress on our journey, we strive to push boundaries and unleash creativity, delivering the freshest updates on our captivating collections, exciting collaborations and visionary designs.

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Our Imprint

Our watches are meticulously crafted, exuding precision, style and an unwavering commitment to detail, elevating them to the status of the perfect accessory for every occasion.

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Recent News

You’ll uncover the newest showcases, breakthroughs in our upcoming collection and captivating narratives surrounding WT Author.

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Create A Bespoke Timepiece

With two decades of expertise, we have forged strong partnerships with renowned brands and individuals worldwide, resulting in the creation of exceptional and distinctive designs.

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Over A Decade of Trust

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The Making of WT Author

We’re excited to share our passion for horology with you through our fun, informative and engaging videos. 

Together, we’ll unravel the intricate artistry and precision engineering that goes into creating these marvelous masterpieces.

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