Nº 1953

1950s Watches

Step back into the era of elegance and regal glamour with our collection of 1950s watches. Inspired by the historic coronation of Queen Elizabeth II on 2nd June 1953, our Nº 1953 dress watches blend timeless sophistication with modern flair.

At WT Author, we celebrate significant moments in history, and the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II is a testament to the triumph of tradition and grace. Our 1950s collection pays homage to this momentous occasion, infusing it with contemporary design and craftsmanship.

Our Nº 1953 dress watches feature a harmonious blend of Ronda 513S quartz movements and automatic watches with a Miyota 9015 movement. This combination ensures accurate timekeeping and reliable performance, empowering you to make a stylish statement with every tick of the watch.

The design of our 1950s inspired watches captures the essence of the era’s elegance and refined aesthetics. From the sleek and sophisticated dials to the polished case finishes, each timepiece exudes timeless charm and sophistication.

Indulge in the allure of the 1950s with WT Author’s remarkable collection of watches. Our Nº 1953 dress watches pay tribute to the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II while embracing contemporary style and craftsmanship. Let these timepieces transport you to an era of grace and refinement, where each watch tells a story of timeless elegance. Choose WT Author and wear a piece of history on your wrist. We offer free worldwide shipping for all our products to ensure everyone has access to the collections. Our watches are limited edition and shipped from our very own workshop located in beautiful Shropshire, UK.


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