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Nº 1968

1960s Watches

Rev up your style with our collection of 1960s watches, inspired by the thrilling 1968 season of World Championship motor racing. Our Nº 1968 colourful racer watches pay homage to the high-octane energy of the racing world, infusing it with a modern twist.

Step into the driver’s seat and experience the exhilaration of the 1960s with our Nº 1968 collection. Combining Ronda 513S quartz movements and automatic watches with Miyota 9015 or Miyota 8217 movements, these timepieces deliver precision and performance that matches the intensity of the racing track.

Our Nº 1968 watches boast vibrant and dynamic designs, capturing the essence of the racing spirit. With a choice of colourful dials and bold accents, these timepieces make a powerful statement on your wrist. And for added versatility, you have the option to include a silver jubilee strap, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your racing-inspired ensemble.

The 1960s were an era of innovation and excitement, and our Nº 1968 watches embody that spirit. With their eye-catching designs and reliable movements, they are the perfect companion for those who seek both style and substance.

Embrace the thrill of the 1960s with WT Author’s Nº 1968 collection. These colourful racer watches capture the excitement of the World Championship motor racing season of 1968 while adding a contemporary twist. Get ready to make a bold statement and ignite your passion for racing with our vibrant timepieces. Choose WT Author and let your wrist become a canvas for the spirit of the 1960s.


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