Black Milanese Watch Band

Nº 1953 Black Mesh Strap

Black Milanese watch band designed in the UK.

Made with fine-knit stainless steel, harking back to 1950’s mesh jewellery and finished with an embossed trademark.

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Available Variants

Designed to fit the Nº 1953 collection.

Black Milanese Watch Band

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Fine-knit stainless steel

Lug width



Designed for Nº 1953


Embossed WT Author Mark

Black Milanese Watch Band

Our Craftsmanship


Fine-knit Stainless Steel

The Nº 1953 black Milanese watch band uses fine-knit stainless steel.

It is stamped from sheet metal and stitched together. This makes it a far more economical process than that of traditional bracelets. 

It represents a dressier alternative to our raw leather straps and designed to fit 20 mm lug widths.

The watch band has been designed and manufactured to fit a 20mm lug width.

It is embossed with the WT Author trademark.

black milanese watch band close up mesh wt author

Black Milanese Watch Band

Technical Specifications



Fine-knit stainless steel

Satin black stainless steel


Nº 1953 Black Mesh Strap

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