NFT Luxury Watch

Nº 1981 Black NFT

NFT luxury watch master variant [#0 of 50], limited to only 1 item.

Designed and assembled in-house by WT Author.

Built in 10 working days and shipped from our UK workshop with free worldwide shipping.

Key Details

Available Variants

WT Author × Ultra Studio are delighted to present [Origins], an NFT watch series of 10 limited edition variants.

NFT Luxury Watch

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Non-Fungible Token

By WT Author × Ultra Studio

Video display terminal

7″ Digital Picture Frame

Master Variant Watch

[#0 of 50]

Authenticated Blueprints

Bronze Plate

Original Watch Sketch

By WT Author × Ultra Studio

10 Rules of Watch Design

Digitally printed on 170gsm

NFT Luxury Watch

The Artefacts

nft luxury watch wt author no 1981 black stealth hero 1


Non-Fungible Token

The extraordinary NFT visual experience of WT Author’s watch design process, produced in collaboration with Ultra Studio.


Video Display Terminal

The physical manifestation of the NFT watch artwork represented within a 7″ digital picture frame.

  • Frame size: 221mm × 156.6mm × 24mm
  • Display size: 152mm × 84mm
  • Resolution: 1024 × 600
  • Memory: 1gb
  • Battery: 1500mAh


Master Variant [#0 of 50]

The Master Edition Variant [serial number #0 of 50] to match your choice of NFT variant.

Master Edition Variants will ship separately from the [Origins] Deed.

nft luxury watch wt author origins final countdown opensea blueprints


Authenticated Blueprints

The unique blueprints, produced on a 210mm × 148mm bronze plate, verifies the specific [Origins] Deed made to demonstrate that the item is authentic.

Our NFT Certificate of Authentication allows for the COA on your physical blueprints to live in your blockchain wallet as a non-fungible token, for not only safekeeping & digital permanence, but for the ability to own a smart contract form of the COA.


Original Sketch

An original drawing from the ‘Final Countdown’ watch design process, dated September 2021.

Each 210mm × 148mm sketch is produced on marker stock using a combination of ballpoint & marker pens.

nft luxury watch wt author origins final countdown opensea book


The 10 Rules of Watch Design Book

The landscape 22pp book digitally printed on 170gsm uncoated bond stock [380 mic uncoated pulp stock front & back cover] outlining the 10 rules of watch design published by WT Author.


Satin Stainless Steel

Power Reserve

Miyota Nº 9015 Automatic
42 hours


Fluoroelastomer (FKM) Strap

Water Resistant

100m or 10 ATM

NFT Luxury Watch

Our Craftsmanship


Pioneering Watch Calibres

Each NFT luxury watch is assembled around a highly-reliable movement to give you the ability to maintain the watch with us directly or with another service.

The Miyota calibre Nº 9015 is an analogue automatic movement, assembled in Japan. 

It is produced in-house by high-speed automatic assembly lines and undergoes strict quality checks to ensure long-lasting design.

The component includes repairable metal clockwork with a very powerful stepper motor and fixed pulse.


Type 316L Stainless Steel

With its extra-low carbon content and added Molybdenum, type 316L stainless steel is incredibly strong and extremely resistant to corrosion from seawater or acidic liquids.

It’s also magnetic resistant, unlike the general-use stainless steel grade of 201 or 304L.

We select 316L as the choice of material to provide an affordable, unique NFT luxury watch without ever having to compromise on quality.

Every watch is built with British and imported parts and assembled in our workshop.

NFT Luxury Watch

Technical Specifications



Nº 1981 Black [Stealth]

Limited to 1 serial number only


Type 316L stainless steel


100m or 10ATM

Solid K9 Sapphire

Screw down exhibition

Signature red, anodised aluminium




Signature red labelled trademark. Gloss grey hour markers & minute track

Light green lume

Polished stainless steel hour / minute hands.


Nº 9015


42 hours

Hours, minutes, central seconds


-10/+20 seconds per month

Parashock anti-shock


Fluoroelastomer (FKM) Strap 22mm

Fluoroelastomer (FKM) Strap fastened directly onto the case

Polished silver-tone stainless steel


NFT Luxury Watch

The Presentation


Recyclable, Renewable, Reusable, Biodegradable & Sustainable

The innovative cardboard packaging has been engineered as a lightweight solution to reduce wasteful distribution.

With a recycling rate of over 80%, corrugated cardboard has the best UK recyclability record of any packaging material, saving an area the size of Greater London from landfill every 4 months.

We endeavour to use recycled stock at every possible opportunity.

Our well-designed ‘right sized’ solution provides maximum protection with minimal use of material to eliminate waste, as well as reducing storage & transportation costs.

The inherent beauty of this repurposed material is adorned by our own exclusive artwork.


The Story of WT Author
Artefact 1: Numbered & Signed Screenprint

A signed and numbered limited edition sketch print, pressed on the finest certified ethically-sourced stock.

The exclusive artwork is a sketch detailing the tool watch design.

Artefact 2: Chapter 9 from the Book of WT Author

The story of the ‘Final Countdown’ visualised within a beautifully formatted book that includes stunning photography of the full watch chapter. 

Artefact 3 : Numbered & Signed Blueprints

A signed and numbered limited edition technical drafts, pressed on the finest certified ethically-sourced stock.

Artefact 4 : Set Of Watch Assembly Photographs

Professionally produced photographs capturing the ‘Final Countdown’ watch build process.

NFT Luxury Watch

What the Press says

“We come barreling right out of the gates with our own unique vision” and roll from there…

We’ve been featured in some of the world’s top publications, and they just can’t get enough of us.

Cool Material
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“If you want to be sporting a timepiece as unique as you are, you owe it to yourself to check out all the new options from microbrand WT Author.”
A Blog To Watch
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“The new ‘FINAL COUNTDOWN’ Nº 1980-1989 Collection features 10 different iterations that each relate to military equipment or armaments. From the ocean depths to high-soaring contrails, each unique example is decidedly utilitarian with a clear nod to the 1980s.”
Yanko Design
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"The watches aren’t for the minimalist at heart, or for the Apple Watch-wearing, step-counting, heart-rate-checking kind. They’re designed with an attitude that goes beyond what a minimal watch or a smartwatch can offer.”
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“Now releasing their take on the tool watch on Kickstarter as well as exploring unknown territory in the world of NFTs, WT Author have never been afraid to take risks in both their bold designs and in their strategy.”
Men's Gear
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“WT Author shares their expertise and proves their knowledge through the ‘10 Rules Of Watch Design,’ showing how comfortable they are with the unique ideas they have for their products. Moreover, every watch comes accompanied by sentimental ideas they have for their products.”

NFT Luxury Watch

The Making of Nº 1981 Black

We’re excited to share our passion for horology with you through our fun, informative and engaging videos. 

Together, we’ll unravel the intricate artistry and precision engineering that goes into creating these marvelous masterpieces.

Nº 1981 Black NFT


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