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Hello Team Author,

A quick note from the workshop.

The new collection will be released for pre-order 09:00 BST Thursday, 13 September 2018. Six editions built at 25, 100 and 125 watches only.

The first ladies collection will be available at the same time – Emmeline will be limited to two special editions. One quartz edition and one automatic edition, both limited to 25 watches only.

Lastly, we are building one very special watch in a unique colour. It will be the only one in existence ever, and will be auctioned off for a very special cause. More on this soon.

How can you be the first to view the new collection?

Nº 1953 exhibition tour starts at Blenheim Palace:

Date: 13 – 16 September



We would love it if you can share your story with us! We’re looking for awesome video content and amazing imagery that feature your new favourite watch. Maybe it’s unboxing your watch or maybe it’s a snapshot of the first time you wear it out in the wild!Use the hashtag #WTAUTHOR, post it on our feed or send us a tweet and we’ll make sure to feature you in 2018.You can also review us on



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