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Nº 1980-89 Orange Strap

FKM watch strap by WT Author Watch Co.

Made from a custom high-performance fluoroelastomer (FKM rubber), the watch band is durable and strong, yet surprisingly soft.

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Available Variants

Designed to fit the Nº 1980-89 collection.

FKM Watch Strap

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Fluoroelastomer rubber

Lug width



Designed for Nº 1980-89

FKM Watch Strap

Our Craftsmanship


Strap Making Tools

Tools use heat and pressure to shape the FKM rubber into the desired form, like bands, loops or other intricate patterns.

After the initial shaping, the straps undergo a curing process. This involves subjecting them to elevated temperatures to activate cross-linking within the rubber molecules. This cross-linking is what gives the rubber its impressive durability and resilience.

Once the curing is complete, the straps are carefully inspected for any imperfections. We examine each FKM watch strap for consistency, quality and proper dimensions.

The final step involves post-processing, which includes trimming any excess material, adding finishing touches.


Fluoroelastomer Rubber

The production of FKM rubber starts with a careful selection of high-quality raw materials. The main ingredients are fluoropolymers, which consist of carbon, fluorine and occasionally hydrogen. These elements are mixed with additives, like curing agents and fillers, to enhance the material’s properties.

Once the raw materials are assembled, it’s time for blending. They are combined in precise proportions to create a uniform compound. This compound is typically processed using specialised mixing equipment that applies heat and shear forces to achieve a thorough and homogeneous mixture.

FKM Watch Strap

Technical Specifications



Fluoroelastomer Rubber

Satin silver-tone stainless steel


Nº 1980-89 Orange Strap


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